Top Choices For A New Kitchen Design Layout In Snohomish County

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Taking a look at kitchen design, there are five trendy styles of layouts that seem to be the top choice with many homeowners and builders. The shape and size of the room you are working with will usually help you to determine your layout. However, there are always deviations and variations available so that you can genuinely make the desired space your own. Most of the arrangements that you will see today include:

When it comes to overall versatility for either a large or small kitchen, there is nothing quite like the U-shape. This design works well by surrounding the chef of the house while allowing for plenty of storage and workspace on the counters. The design itself creates what is known as a work triangle for ultimate efficiency, but also just right for helping to separate both the dining space and cooking area. If you are a homeowner looking for plenty of storage and lots of workspaces, then this layout is ideal.


This is a very popular kitchen design, which is just right for any size space. The L-shape offers workspaces on adjoining walls that run perpendicular to one another. As a layout, this design works nicely if you have two cooks in the kitchen working in tandem. This is no traffic that will hinder the work area, and you also have the ability in larger rooms to make a center island that can be an eating area or another workspace. In many homes, the L-shape will open up into other rooms, which makes it a beautiful layout to choose if you love entertaining.


If you are looking for a variation on the U-shape kitchen, the G-shape is similar but with a partial fourth wall or a peninsula. These options can be excellent if you are looking for additional storage space or more countertop to work with. If you add in a second range, cooktop or sink, you then have room to create two different work triangles for the ultimate way to work in tandem with another cook.

Galley Design

If you happen to have a narrow space to work with, the galley kitchen remains to be the most efficient layout option. This includes a workspace that is nestled between opposing walls with a singular traffic lane down the middle. You can place your cooktop or range on one side of the kitchen while having your sink and refrigerator on the other side to help create ease of workflow.

One-Wall Design

If you happen to have a smaller space to work with, such as a small home or a condo, then a one-wall design is a great idea. There is a flattened work triangle by having a sink that sits between the refrigerator and the range so that you can maximize efficiency. If you have a single-wall layout, you can have the refrigerator installed where the door will open up away from your kitchen sink. This helps to eliminate issues with workflow. When working with our design team, you should also take into consideration whether or not you are left or right-handed when you have frequently accessed appliance or cabinets installed.

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