Redmond Kitchen Remodeling
and Design Services

Redmond Kitchen Remodeling and Design Services

The kitchen is said to be one of the most important rooms in the home. Not only does it serve as an area where you prepare your meals, but it’s also a central gathering place for family and friends. Make your Redmond kitchen a welcoming space for family and guests by creating a timeless remodeling design with the team at Kitchen Plus. 

Kitchen Plus is committed to helping our clients create their dream kitchens. Our kitchen design experts will work with you to visualize and develop a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. We are proud to be a family-owned and operated renovation company that has earned a reputation for offering exceptional service to our clients.

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Bring Your Kitchen Vision to Life

Our contracting and design professionals work together to develop and execute a finished kitchen that meets your needs. We promise that you and your family will love your newly designed kitchen. 

When it comes to developing the kind of kitchen remodeling Redmond homeowners rave about, we implement a concierge approach. When you sign with our service, every aspect of your experience is personalized around your specific preferences, goals, and budget. We strive to make you feel comfortable and informed through every step of the remodel. 

In our many years of operation, we have perfected a streamlined approach to remodeling. This means our team uses the most up-to-date techniques and equipment to remodel your home in a timely and efficient manner. 

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Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

Due to fluctuating trends and new innovations like smart refrigerators, the kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in the home. However, staying on trend isn’t the only great reason to remodel your kitchen. 

Trends aside, there are many other competitive benefits of a kitchen remodel:

Improve Resale Value

One of the main things potential buyers look for in a home is an updated kitchen. Especially in a discerning and modern housing market like Redmond’s, homeowners who renovate their kitchens can see a sizable amount of value added to their home. 

Achieve Full Functionality

Does your kitchen feature odd design choices that take away from the functionality of the space? Kitchens that have been neglected tend to come with awkward configurations and a lack of counter space or storage. When you call Kitchen Plus, we’ll collaborate with you to develop a design scheme that is practical and meets your family’s current needs.

Come Home to a Kitchen You Love

Does your kitchen feel dark and dated? Has your style evolved over the years and you are ready for a kitchen that fits your current needs? Or perhaps you’re living in a home whose design choices were the decision of a previous occupant decades ago. Since you spend a large portion of your life in the kitchen, it should be a space that radiates joy. We can make it happen. 

Our Favorite Redmond Kitchen Remodels

We’d like to brag, but we don’t have to – our work speaks for itself. Our experienced designers work with a discerning eye for detail and think outside the box to maximize your space and bring it to life. Here’s some of our best work:

Why Kitchen Plus?

Consultation Services

Remodeling can be a daunting task if it’s your first time or you’re just not sure how to begin. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, our creative team of design professionals are up-to-date on all the latest kitchen design trends and will work with you to develop an attractive and functional kitchen design.

Expert Installation

At Kitchen Plus, we pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date equipment with expert installation techniques. Our experience with complex kitchen remodeling projects allows us to tackle complicated kitchen remodeling projects. e,  With our solid installation technique, we guarantee the longevity of your kitchen remodel so you can enjoy your new space for the years to come.

No Chance of Injury

You should not take up the task of renovating your own kitchen if you do not have experience. Kitchen renovation requires extensive knowledge of design and construction concepts and can put you at risk for potential injury.  Instead, call on the Redmond kitchen remodeling professionals at Kitchen Plus to take care of your project for you.

Let’s Talk About Your Redmond Kitchen

We are the Redmond kitchen remodeling and design service that homeowners trust. Improve your home’s resale value and craft a warm, inviting kitchen when you consult with Kitchen Plus. 

We do all the hard work. All you have to do is sit back and fall in love with your kitchen. 

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