At Kitchen Plus, we build all of our bathroom and kitchen cabinetry in-house, which allows us to create finely crafted cabinets on time with a lifetime guarantee. To begin planning your bathroom remodel with us in Bellevue, contact us at (866) 306-0966

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All our bathroom cabinets are custom built Euro style cabinets. Euro box construction is superior to face frame cabinets in regards to gaining space and function.

Kitchen Plus custom bathroom cabinets are built to maximize space, minimize fillers and increase your return on investment. Our custom bathroom cabinetry provides limitless design opportunities and a lifetime guarantee. All our custom bathroom cabinets are built in-house to stay on time and ensure top quality.


With a custom bathroom vanity you can have it tailored to the exact specifications of your space, which means you can custom tailor the height, width, and depth of the unit of your preference. As you consider what you want your new bathroom vanity to look like, think about these key design elements.

  • Cabinets and drawers – The right vanity design can allow you to optimize your bathroom storage and keep everything from makeup to laundry organized. You might choose from drawers with custom inserts, shelves, or pullout bathroom vanity organizers, which are ideal in tight spaces.
  • Style and finish – The hardwood base of your vanity may be made from any number of woods, from traditional to exotic. Stains and finishes can further enhance the grain of the wood and give you the exact aesthetic you are after. If you are simply looking to update an existing vanity, you might opt for cabinet refacing, which will transform the façade while leaving the structure intact.
  • Countertops – From natural stone to composite countertops, your choices only increase when you start to think about the top surface of the vanity. As you select your countertops with the help of our bathroom design experts, you might think about the type of sink you want as well. For a timeless and simple design, you might select an integrated sink in the counter, or you might opt for the contemporary appeal of a vessel bathroom sink.
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Our custom vanities are built and finished locally in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Kirkland, Washington. We have a specialized crew working together to create your custom bathroom cabinets. As the industry changes rapidly, we too are consistently improving and updating to continually provide you with top quality products.


Kitchen Plus offers a multitude of different door styles for your vanity, so that you are sure to find one that suits your home and personal taste perfectly. Your hardwood selection is endless from your standard Maple’s and Cherry’s to exotic choices such as African Mahogany, and even sustainable options such as Bamboo. Our cabinets are stained and finished in house locally at our shop in Kirkland where we can ensure top quality. To see samples of our wood stains, paints, and door styles come visit us at our showroom in Bellevue.


Bathroom cabinet refacing is a cost effective alternative to new bathroom cabinets, and is done with green products. Refacing provides the opportunity to change color and style with fast turnaround, usually within days. Bathroom cabinet refacing includes:
  • New doors and drawer fronts
  • New hinges and cabinet hardware
  • 1/4” hardwood in matching wood to cover the existing cabinets

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